- The Beginning -

Heart & Silk started in New York City in the summer of 2016 when Mike and Ben wanted to "create to change."
Two years ago, we started to create apparel for college organizations at our campus to help pay for tuition. Getting involved in our community was important to us especially because we attended commuter colleges. New York City was our “campus,” so we devoted our free time to getting involved and improving our campus. We combined apparel crafting with our community service project to create Heart & Silk!
Homelessness is an issue that we care deeply about because it hits close to home for the Heart & Silk team. We see homelessness as a problem that is rapidly increasing and record breaking year after year. New York is ranked #1 in homeless population throughout the United States. Our vision is to improve the homeless population by focusing on homeless children first.

"What started off as a community service project, quickly became our passion"

Lending a helping hand...

Each week, our team plans a different art workshop for the children at our partnering shelters. Art and happy interactions help with the personal development in children. It means the world to us when we see them crack a smile, which means our job is done. Just kidding, our job is never done, nor do we want it to be! We want to continuously inspire homeless children everywhere.  Check out our workshops.

Crafting our products...

During the days when we are not volunteering at the homeless shelters, we are meticulously crafting each shirt. We spent the last 2 years studying the process and finding the perfect shirt. We would like to introduce to you a shirt that holds its durability and softness, wash after wash after wash... The designs are printed with very thin ink that is minimal to the touch. The ink is smooth and seamless without compromising durability and vibrancy!

Continuous giving...

Since lending a hand to those in need has always been something we have held a deep passion for, our ultimate goal is to decrease the homeless population. We believe that one way to fix this ever growing  problem is by helping children stay in school. If we can inspire these children to be creative and to love  learning, they will be more likely to succeed in their education. There is a high conversion rate to homeless adults from homeless children. We truly believe that our passion for helping those in need will ultimately contribute to decreasing homelessness. We're in it for the long-run and we invite you to join us in our journey.